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Boiler breakdowns can be real pain in the neck. Especially in the winter time when everyone needs their house heating. Coupled with a lack of running hot water, you’ll need someone with you rapid to fix the situation and get that house nice and warm again.


Whats causing my boiler problems?

Well in short it could be a one of a number of issues. Typically boiler problems can occur when the system has not been used over the summer months.

Let us outline a couple of common faults below

It’s worth mentioning at this stage, if you’re unsure, of what’s causing the issue, it’s always best to call a gas engineer professional and not try and remedy the issue yourself as you could cause further issues with the boiler or, worse, danger those around you. Gas boilers should only be worked on by a trained professional.

1. Banging or whistling boiler

 A noisy boiler is typically the sign the fan could be on it’s way out, or there is air in the system. Sometimes low pressure can cause noises too. Having noisy boiler is understandably frustrating, especially if the boiler is housed in a bed room.

2. Frozen condensate pipes

In the winter months having a frozen condensate pipe is a common problem.

Most boiler are condensing boiler which means small particles of waste gas turns to water when it cools. Boilers can be defrosted, for more information on defrosting a boiler
condensate pipe check our this handy video, from Worcester Boch.

3. Heating & hot water intermittently comes on and off

Having intermittent heating and hot water is a pain especially in the colder months. 

Typically there are a handful of issues associated with this complaint:

  • Damaged diaphram
  • Air lock issues
  • Faulty motorised valves
  • Broken thermostats

With this boiler issue, it’s advisable to give us call, as this would require a skilled gas engineer to remedy.

4. Faulty pilot light

A common complaint, but if the pilot light is out, that means the boiler isn’t working. The pilot light is found on the underside of the boiler. It could highlight issues with the gas supply. This needs a gas engineer to come out to fix. Please don’t tamper with your own gas supply.

5. Low boiler pressure

Having low boiler pressure can cause the heating and hot water to fail. Our advice would be to check all the radiators and visible pipe works for leaks. If there is is leak it’s time to give us a call. If you don’t find a leak, you can try to re pressurise the system yourself.:
  • Switch off your boiler and allow it to cool
  • Find the filling loop and check that both ends are securely attached. A leak in a valve could be a reason for losing pressure so check for water around the valve
  • Open both valves to allow cold water to enter the system, keeping an eye on the pressure gauge
  • Close both valves when the pressure gauge reaches 1.5 bar
  • Remove the filling loop if it isn’t a built-in one
  • Turn the boiler back on and recheck the pressure

Get in touch with us now

As you can see, there are a variety of reasons your boiler isn’t working. These are a couple of more common problems we see with modern day boilers.

Waterloo Plumbers cover the London area and have engineers on standby from in the London area.  We can be with you within the hour and what’s best is we don’t charge you any call out fees. That’s right, no call out fees. 

Our friendly and courteous plumbers will be with you within the hour to assess the nature of the fault. Once we’ve determined the problem we’ll let you know what the issue is and how much it’s going to cost.

In most cases we can fix the problem there and then as we carry a large selection of spare parts in the vans.

However, if the call-out is late night/early morning, and getting hold of parts is problem, we’ll make the situation safe, and come back the following day.

Our plumbing service won’t be beaten on price, so give us a call today, we fix all matter of boiler related issues. 


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I used Waterloo plumbers this winter to sort out my frozen pipes. Couldn’t recommend highly enough and the price wasn’t bad either. Would definitely use again!

Mrs J Jackson

Waterloo emergency plumbers came to use when our boiler packed up. Arrived really promptly and fixed the issue no fix. Hot water and heating was back on in no time.

Dean McKinley








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